About Owner

Throughout my life, I've always embraced my natural hair. My goal is to create an exceptional product that simplifies the hair journey for my supporters. As a child, I lacked knowledge about hair care and maintaining it. I used to dye and press my hair every two weeks, which damaged its natural texture. Despite frequently trying various hair oils, greases, and over-the-counter remedies, none were suitable for my hair, especially after dying it red. My hair broke significantly, became dry, and showed color changes (pale orange-brown), making me feel uncomfortable about my appearance.

Eventually, I endeavored to learn more about my hair, which products would benefit me, and how to care for it properly. I started by using natural substances that nourished my scalp and applying products that helped retain moisture. This inspired me to launch BeLovely Hair Products, formulated to hydrate hair and scalp, prevent hair loss, encourage thick and healthy-looking hair, and retain length by locking in moisture. I've decided to share the hair care products that worked for me in my routine to help others start their natural hair journey.